Dear readers,

Welcome to the 9th issue of the InPayments Magazine! We are excited to present the second issue of our new digital incarnation and we hope you are, too!

Spring is a time of awakening, of life renewed, and we believe it to be the perfect moment to think about what the future holds. This is why we decided to make the payments industry trends for 2018 our Feature Theme for this issue, to bring you an overview of the shifts and changes taking place there, affecting everyone from payments service providers to customers.

The 2018 payments trends are a sign of larger changes that have been happening in our culture, with the development of technology making speed and convenience words and issues of the day. We covered this transformation of the payments landscape by both technological advancements and customer needs from several different angles, so that we could provide you with an informative overview of these exciting new developments.


The future is definitely here and, even though sometimes it may not feel like it, consider this: people from the 1950s would recognize our world as a scene from a science fiction movie rather than reality, filled with gadgets unimaginable. And yet, it's not technology itself that has changed - and is indeed still changing - the world. It's us, both as individuals and as a culture that, using these new inventions, innovations, and gadgets shape the reality we live, love and do business in. Our interaction and relationship with technology is a crucial ingredient in the recipe for changing the world, as is how (much of it) we take for granted.

Company News brings some exciting stories in this issue and they are all about mobile, from authentication solution in Slovenia to e-commerce in Egypt! In an interview with Petar Kavčić, Deputy Director and Head of Development at Gorenjska banka for whom we developed the GBToken back in 2016, read about how Mercury Processing Services International is enabling Gorenjska banka to have integrated authentication functionality inside their mobile banking application with the new mToken SDK in the Slovenian market. Then, take a look at how our NestPay Solution developed for AlexBank, the pioneer of e-commerce in Egypt, is helping spearhead the development of this branch of the industry in the country of pyramids. 

Learn what you need to know about ATM security in the digital world and about biometrics changing e-commerce Down Under. While China has turned into a leading card market in a very short time, Mastercard has turned smartphones into payment terminals in Poland and Google has cut payment times to mere seconds. And you can read all about it in our Industry News section, where we also bring some interesting insights into the way cryptocurrencies have changed the future of finance and into RegTech, a new trend that is currently dethroning FinTech in the finance industry. You will find a further glimpse into the future that is happening right now if you let us tell you just how smart a city can be right now, when Bill Gates is going to build one, and how Visa used sound, animation and haptic cues, i.e. sensory branding, to signify a completed transaction at the Olympics.  

Our goal for InPayments – bring information and news on the latest trends and developments accessible to all those with an interest in payments, written in a clear and intelligible way – has been achieved, if we are to judge by the overwhelmingly positive response to our first issue. 

Thank you all for the time you took to the magazine, for the enthusiasm you have expressed about it. and for all your comments.  

We are very much looking forward to hearing from you about what you liked, what you hated and what you think we might do better. Please feel free to send your ideas and suggestions for upcoming issues as well as your comments about the current one to 


Renata Devčić, Head of Marketing