a brief history of wearable tech

A Trend Led By Those in Leadership Roles

In a recent LinkedIn survey, 30% of professionals worldwide said that they used wearables on a daily basis.

The popularity of wearables grows with age – only 26% of those aged between 18 and 24 are using a wearable device on a daily basis. This number rises to 37% amongst those aged 25 to 34, and to 40% amongst those aged 45 to 54. Their adoption is also linked to the seniority level, as the survey showed that 42% of directors and 38% of managers used wearables in their daily lives. 

Hearables, connected glasses and mobile VR are the next big thing in wearable tech, say the experts, while fitness and health-monitoring devices are expected to evolve further, to become more intuitive and easy to operate across all age groups. However, as exciting the present and the future of wearable tech are, its beginning is not as recent as you may expect. It is in fact a couple of centuries old!