Introductory video from our CEO, Zdenek Houser, and a note from our Editorial Board.

Dear readers,

Welcome to the 8th issue of InPayments magazine.

InPayments magazine is a quarterly publication by Mercury Processing Services International, started three years ago and published as a printed magazine exclusively for our clients. 

Fast forward to the present times. In the year 2017 we are living in a truly exciting times technology-wise – times of digital transformation and adoption of new technologies and information at such high speeds that sometimes it's difficult just to keep pace. In this new, modern world we have decided to transform the magazine into a modern, digital publication, available to a wider public interested in the latest news and trends from our industry, written in clear and intelligible way and comprehensible by all.

Find out more about this transformation from our CEO, Zdenek Houser, in his introductory video.

In each issue of InPayments we publish one big feature story where we give more insight into important events and developments in our company as well as the industry. The feature story is written in collaboration or by our colleagues and partners, and the intention of the entire magazine is to write about the things we work with and think about every day, in captivating and incentive ways – not only to the people in the finance sector, but also to anybody interested in this fast growing and fast changing industry.

The Feature Theme of this 8th issue is dedicated to the "F" word – Fraud. Fraud has been a buzzword in the payments industry for couple of years now and rightly so. It impacts the clients but also financial institutions which can face loss of reputation and eventually loss of income as a direct cause of it. We tackled the theme of fraud from many different angles, talking to different fraud experts from both our company and from our guest speakers who participated in European Fraud Sharing Group meeting and Fraud Forum we organized in May and June of this year.

Through the Company News we gave more insight into the current projects with our clients, and we are happy to announce that more updates on our activities are coming, so be sure to follow us and be the first to find out the news.

But we know that the world doesn't revolve around us. That's why in each issue we try to round up the most important news and trends from all the areas of our industry and from all over the globe. In the Industry News you will find out why smartphone owners aren't that smart about the security, has the time come for passwords to die or what are the latest e-commerce trends and forecasts.

We hope you will enjoy reading, exploring and experiencing our InPayments magazine on the device of your choice, with the same enthusiasm that we had while creating it. Please let us know your ideas and thoughts for the content of the upcoming issues, and feel free to drop us a note with the feedback on the current one.

Renata Devčić and Irena Rašeta

Renata Devčić & Irena Rašeta