Dear Readers,

We bring you the 14th issue of InPayments which holds a special place in our hearts because we are launching it on our company's 10th birthday.

And it was 5 years ago that we have created this magazine in print version to share the knowledge of our employees on various payment topics with our clients who were sent this quarterly magazine to their offices. So, 5 years ago we became the only payment processing company with its own magazine. 

And as appraisails came from clients left and right, we decided it was time to go bigger and more digital with the time. In 2017, before going to the World Wide Web, the 7th issue was our first digital version of the magazine as we changed our name to Mercury Processing Services International. The change wasn't just in the name, fonts and colors but also a different approach we had to the magazine that was done with the focus on tech advancements. 

However, this didn't imply changing completely and as our CEO Zdenek Houser said in the Editorial note of the 7th issue: "We have changed our name and affiliation, but we have not changed our business scope and our dedication to providing quality service and delivering innovative payment solutions. We remain loyal to our clients from the past, while at the same time keeping our eyes on the new paths opening before us. We cherish our legacy, and embrace our future, with a new wind at our backs, but with stable roots that we have built throughout the years."

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We introduced interactive infographics where readership can engage with the content, how to videos, and podcasts recorded with our own employees. 

Fast forward to 2019, we are now publishing our 7th online issue on our 10th anniversary. For the anniversary, we are excited about what the future brings, but we are also thinking about all the things we have done in the past 10 years that made us successful as we are today. The biggest success is that we have in many ways positively affected the payment ecosystem in Europe, being the first ones who worked on introducing Google Pay and Apple Pay to banks in the region and beyond. 

Fast forward to 2019, we are publishing our 7th online issue on our 10th anniversary.

The October of 2017 saw a complete redesign as it became an online magazine. This enabled us to reach a much wider range of audience and in that way establish ourselves on a global level.

It was designed with the two main goals - the first one was still to be a distinguished source of expert knowledge on payment industry and the second one was to offer an interactive and engaging content for a global audience interested in payments, technology, and the inbetween.

However, it is important to continuously ask ourselves who are the "we" who made all of this possible - and the answer is always the people of Mercury Processing Services International.

That is why we have dedicated a special site with the overarching slogan of the whole anniversary campaign "TO THE POWER OF IO"  where we celebrate our values and our people who hold those values. That is also why we are dedicating this issue to the 10 years down!

Maša Gavran, Content Editor