workshop on fraud and chargeback

Working on fraud prevention is extremely important in the payments industry, but no less than communicating the plans and activities done in fraud prevention and chargeback to clients. Fraud and Chargeback workshop was, therefore, a great opportunity for our Fraud Team in Koper, Slovenia to show our clients - System Activa Banks - our current plans, future plans, and successes.


On Fraud and Chargeback workshop held on 17th October in Portorož, Slovenia, our Fraud Team in Koper, Slovenia took the opportunity to show the clients all of our activities in the area of fraud prevention, chargeback and disputes. 

Doris Žigon, our Head of Dispute and Fraud Operations, was the one to open the event putting the focus on clients and our work to make their business operations as well as their end-user satisfaction run as smooth as possible.

The first to present was Ilenia Čermelj, Dispute operations team leader, who introduced everyone to the Dispute topic and then went into more detail with the specific dispute trends for the Visa and Mastercard payment schemes. 

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These topics seemed particularly improtant to the participants because they had a lot of questions regarding the dispute process. A little more about the dispute for Visa and Mastercard payment schemes trends was revelaed by Sara Rožič. She addresses the change of CVM limit for Slovenia, overview of Mastercard news, Visa changes. More importantly, Sara covered real life case studies to demonstrate all of the topics she was presenting with Complaints from Thomas Cook Airlines

What seemed to be the most valuable part of the workshop is that the presenters went into extraordinary detail when it comes to the nitty gritty operational activities which are of great interest for the banks.

So did Sara Novakovič went into detail as she explained our collaboration with Mastercard in the dispute resolution process. She explained the following: Mastercard claims dispute resolution, whole Mastercard collaboration and the benefits of collaboration process, and reversal of point of sale transactions and reimbursement.

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Going from chargeback and dispute topics and coming to fraud and fraud prevention, Vanesa Filipčič, Fraud Team Leader, and Robert Poljak, Senior Fraud Analyst, talked about Trends and measures taken in card fraud prevention.

What was notably significant for the clients is the measures taken by us to mitigate and prevent fraud as well as data breach along with some real examples.  

Going along with the fraud topic, Mariana Šuvar tackled the very important question of the new reporting methods under the PSD2 directive when it comes to fraud. Starting with the primary questions - Who? What? When? Where? Why? - she explained the basic "rules" of the new directive. Next, Mariana focused on the technicalities of reporting for the everyone to better grasp the whole concept. With changes come challenges, and Mariana also addressed these. 

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The last presentation of the day was given by Aljoša Lovrič Petrič, Head of Innovation and Prototyping, on Risk Based Authentication. His presentation concentrated on 3DS 2.0 authentication use cases, benefits of Risk Based Authentication, but he also took time to deal with the triviality of the operational topics such as Calculation of Risk Score. 

For more information on the event itself, speakers and presentations, you can find on the event's page - https://mercury-processing.com/events/fraud-and-chargeback-workshop/