to the power of IO

10 years ago, our company heads set their minds to create a regional leader in the payments world. They knew it wasn’t easy but today, we can earnestly say we played a big role in payment innovation in the region since then. On our anniversary, we are thinking more about our future than the past, but we are far from leaving it behind.

Our past has lead us to this moment and all of our achievements are built on the values and strengths we have founded in the past. Our past has made us strong so we can tackle the future and go even further.

On Thursday, employees from Mercury PSI gathered to raise their glasses up to 10 years down. The list of achievements that needed to be celebrated were quite a few.

We highlighted them so our people don’t lose count or forget the roles they played in accomplishing them.

So we took a stroll down memory lane and reminded ourselves of how we got here, but we were also reminded of where we’re heading and what exciting things await us on the bright horizon with Nets.

And what kind of future awaits us humans in this wide ever-expanding universe – the infinite question of our species that can only be addressed by someone who knows what the universe is like and how things work in nature.


To that end, we invited Ivica Puljak, the legendary Croatian scientist and professor of physics to give us his words of wisdom, spark up the curiosity and maybe put some things into perspective, literally and figuratively.

Coming back to us, all of our history and successes couldn’t be possible without the major component – our people - and that is what we came to honour. Some of them were specially acknowledged and awarded in 10 categories whose initialis make up the word Mercury PSI – Modest, Energetic, Ready to rock, Curious, Useful, Resourceful, Yabba dabba doo, Positive, Specialist, and Inventive. Based on the results of the survey completed by 200 employees, the ten (actually twelve) winners were proclaimed in an Oscar style ceremony. 

It was the managers who announced the nominees and then winners - each group of managers did it in their own style with all of the audience enjoying the jokes from their seats.

Before the emotion-filled awards ceremony, we took a special moment to appreciate everyone one more time in the exhibition where individual photos of employees, taken especially for this moment, were displayed on big screens for everyone to see. Everyone was quite proud having their model-like photos on the big displays. 

For our anniversary, we have also dedicated a microsite for celebrating all of this where you can see the faces of Mercury Processing Services International - just click on the link - https://tothepowerof10.mercury-processing.com/.