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supporting the pbz card premium visa solution

Cardholders of American Express cards issued by licensed partners in the EU market are well aware by now that their cards will be changing due to the company’s change of licensing business concept in the EU market. The same thing is happening in Croatia where Amex cards had been issued by PBZ Card and as a result Privredna Banka Zagreb and PBZ Card decided to replace them with another product that holds same benefits and possibilities. 


Mercury Processing Services International, as a long standing payment processor for both Privredna Banka Zagreb and PBZ Card (issuer for American Express cards in Croatia), was a big part of this project. From the technical perspective, this meant transferring all of the existing Amex cardholders into the other payment scheme, which is a hefty task on its own, and also producing new hundreds of thousands cards in our production facilities. All of this was, of course, supposed to be imperceptible to the cardholders so that they feel no friction in this big transformation. 

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Our Senior Developer Vladimir Volenec explained how the technical side of the switch works: During this event, each Amex cardholder just got another ‘converted account’ associated with her/his new Visa PAN. This ‘converted account’ approach enabled us to do the transition with minimal possible set of changes in the system, at the same time enabling cardholders to continue using their existng Amex just as if nothing is happening (because in essence, that is exactly true for their old accounts).

He also added that from 2020, all of Amex cards will become inactive. 


The new Premium Visa card issued by PBZ Card substitutes Amex in every aspect, plus it provides better acceptance network thanks to the unparalleled diffusion of Visa. As our expert Krešimir Redenšek who worked on the project explained, it contains the newest security standards (SCA – Strong Customer Authentications) as prescribed in PSD2 by EU, contactless is also embedded in all Premium Visa card products which will introduce fully frictionless payments on new modern type of merchants acquiring (pay tolls, public transportations, parking, vending machines), and e-commerce acceptance is equipped with SCA and enriched security is assured.

He also added that instalments are fully functional on new Premium Visa cards and will be accepted on the Croatian PBZ Card merchant base as Amex was before. Cardholders can continue to pay their instalment expenses made with Amex regularly and make new instalment purchases, which will be combined on the same statement. 

Having Visa as a card brand opens the broad range of innovative possibilities and future functionalities, which will for sure attract new cardholders and retain the old ones. 

The new PBZ Card Premium Visa offer includes the assortment of 12 cards offering contactless payments, insurance packages and loyalty rewards, rate payments without interest and charges, credit cards,  road assistance and many other services and products: Premium Visa Gold, Premium Visa Platinum, Premium Visa Infinite, Visa card with a heart, Visa Revolving, Visa Croatia Airlines Revolving card, Visa Gold Croatia Airlines card, Visa Student, PBZ Visa shopping, Visa Business Gold, Visa Business Platinum and Visa card for craftsmen. 

All additional detailed information on each card are available on PBZ Card’s website.