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launching the sme proposition

Germany may have been a cash country but things are changing. Peoples change in behaviour and innovative solutions by the leading DACH payment processor Concardis are driving the shift. Now the company repositioned themselves with a new brand promise and launched special product for small and medium enterprise aiming to help them in the digital era.


Contactless payments are rising and becoming the preferred payment method. It is not always easy for SMEs to follow the digitalisation as bigger companies do.

Luckily, Concardis designed the SmartPay product so those SMEs can more conveniently rise to the occasion. The new one-stop-shop solution makes transactions simple from start to finish for retailers and service providers. Merchants are offered the whole package, which includes card terminals, card acceptance and digital tools that allow them to track transactions, cardholder activity with simple and transparent pricing giving SMEs a bigger control over payments. 

Additionally, the SmartPay platform, available as both a desktop and an app edition, can be used for displaying individual reports, monitoring real-time sales, and reviewing transactions and payouts directly.

Regarding the new product, Thomas Gregory, Concardis' Chief Product Officer, said in the company’s news article:  "The idea behind Concardis SmartPay is to offer small and medium-sized retailers and service providers the easiest way to make cashless payments. A package that includes everything you need for cashless payment in your store: terminal, card acceptance, easy onboarding and sign-in, and an easy-to-use digital portal. In addition, the solution offers one of the most transparent price models on the market, with no minimum contract periods and everything fully digitized for the first time".


Becoming part of the Concardis Payment Group since last year meant playing big roles in delivering the new product. The back-office support was provided from our teams who laid the foundations for acquiring processing services. After successfully launching the product on September 3rd, we are continuously engaged by monitoring all of the systems, processing transactions, definition and implementation of the monitoring and reporting tools and finally, ensuring that all the applications are supportable.

With Concardis and Nets merging, the product was delivered in the new rebranded environment and with a new brand promise. 


This was also done with our support as Renata Devčić, Head of Marketing at Mercury Processing Services International, stepped in as a temporary lead of Product Marketing in Concardis to overlook the rebranding and SmartPay campaign. The  campaign was designed in a way to captivate those entrepreneurial spirits, who want to jump-up their business, with a great choice of ambassadors, hint of emotions, and a well told story. 

Renata and her German team have made some great choices in the process of developing ideas because the final product seems to be kicking it off with the SMEs. 

So customer centric strategy in designing the product and the campaign seemed to be the key as Jo and Cozy from Salt & Silver, their new ambassadors, are owners of a small business themselves. Anja TraumManaging Director of the SME Germany Division of Concardis, confirmed this by saying that bringing customers first and developing around them will be key in growing and being succesful because competition is big and it will be the customer to make the choice.

When it comes to the new brand promise, Anja also mentioned that Concardis, a truly proven brand in the DACH region, now devloped into something even more attractive and customer oriented since tailor-made payment solutions for the needs of small and medium-sized merchants are rare today. 

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