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introducing apple pay to the region and beyond

When it comes to Apple’s products, they are widely recognized for its great UX/UI and security and Apple Pay is no exception. Now, their mobile wallet finally comes to the cardholders of Privredna Banka Zagreb, CIB Bank, and Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Slovenia. In collaboration with the banks, Visa, and Apple, we have worked on facilitating the service and became the first ones to make it available for the regional banks. 


Paying in stores has become convenient than ever before. With the various mobile wallets depending on the smartphone, we have entered a new era abounding with digital payment products. 

All of the digital payment methods have their own benefits, and here are the Apple Pay’s: it is intuitive and easy to use, works with the Apple devices you use every day, enables payments in stores, apps, and websites, enables secure payments in stores with Face and Touch ID, uses two-factor authentication for Apple ID, ensures privacy. Click here to find out how to pay in stores with Touch ID on iPhone.

Part of our team that worked on Apple Pay facilitation.


Our role in introducing the service was in the security part, one of our key strengths that has been recognized regionally if not globally and now has passed the Apple tests. The Visa Token Service facilitation is where we once again excelled at, after bringing Google Pay. Being part of this project was a great achievement for our Company and a valuable experience to the team that worked on it. 


For now, we have worked on facilitating the Apple Pay service with Privredna Banka Zagreb in Croatia, CIB Bank in Hungary, and Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Slovenia in Slovenia. Since this initiative was driven by carholders' expectations it puts our clients, the banks, ahead of the competition. One of the employees involved in the project Ladislav Grgac said that “This service confirmed technological leadership in digital services both for Mercury PSI and Privredna Banka Zagreb alike.”

From the banks social media channels, the cardholders seems more than happy with having a new, additional option of payment. 

For the cardholders of Privredna Banka Zagreb, CIB Bank, or Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Slovenia, please find all of the necessary information on the boxes to the right or just click on them: