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Novathon #withcib

As innovation supporters, we were proud sponsors of an engaging and inspirational event on finance innovation and digital culture transformation called Novathon, organized by CIB Bank now three years in a row. 

The central topic was the digitalization of banks, bringing transformation and the new bank model. However, the focus wasn't just on banks as the distinguished guests also talked about Artificial Intelligence and RegTech & Insurtech. 

The most awaited guest of the event was Steve Wozniak, Innovation Expert and Co-Founder of Apple Computer. All of the participants were undoubtedly amazed and honoured to be able to hear what the Woz had to say about innovation, creativity & digital transformation.

Our team has also took part in this historic and unforgettable experience. Some of them also took a photo with Steve Wozniak and talked to him face to face. 

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Oracle Modern Business Forum 2019 is the largest regional Oracle business solutions conference bringing together many local and foreign professionals from the business world, especially in the areas of finance, human resources, marketing and sales. The conference in Croatia was focused on talking about news and opportunities related to digitization where visitors engaged in the topics on how to respond to the digital transformation demands of their organizations.


Andres Garcia-Arroyo Maeso, Vice President Sales CEE & CIS, Oracle

The event was all about gaining new knowledge and meeting experts, learning how others transform their business through inspiring story from the industry leaders like from Porsche-powered auto industry. There was also David Skoko, a famous Croatian Masterchef who's not from the industry but shared his inspirational life story of failures and successes.

Another topics was creating a competitive edge and adapting to the challenges of the market and this topic was also addressed in the many  panel discussion on the event.

One such panel was "Digitization: Make Your Business Smart!" where our Head of Marketing, Renata Devčić, was one of the panellists in the discussion. She went over our role as innovators empowering businesses to become smart with the various cutting-edge solutions we offer as well as our role of a strong competitor in the regional job market. 


This year's SmartCard didn't go without our participation. We had a team of two - Jelena Kolega, Head of New Solution Design, and Gordana Breyer, Head of External Relations. They held an impressive presentation on the subject of digitalisation of every aspect of our lives including payments too. In line with this, Jelena and Gordana explained how 62% of consumers now own a smartphone, 55% of smartphone owners use their phone for social networkind and 48% of users regulary download apps. And this is why there is an increase in digitalisation of services and constumption as well as increase in mobile and online payment transaction.

How does this apply to us? Well, we are at the forefront of digitalisation and the challenges that surface before every organization involve finding new and innovative ways to grasp the consumers’ attention and direct them towards their products and services, but also creating products and services that deserve consumers’ attention, time and involvement - and that is what we do too. 


meeting the IT and WorkIn Science STUDENTS

Mercury Processing Services International regularly participates in the Career Week of Faculty of Organization and Informatics in Varaždin, and this year is not an exception. Our representatives were mingling with FOI students today, alongside 50 IT companies who nurture relations with academic community. The focal spot is our stand in the Faculty hall where students stop by to collect information about working in our Company.

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Aljoša at the Career Week panel discussion

Aljoša as our innovation guy was taking part in the panel discussion debating over blockchain and constant growth of the fintech industry. As expected, these two topics proved to be of great interest for the student population eager to always stay at the top of technology trends. And to students we wish good luck in the future professional endeavors, hoping to see some of them also in our ranks.

We were also present at the WISe event for the first time and we were very impressed with everything, and so were the students. 

What is WISe? WorkIn 'Science - WISe - that is, a career day at the Faculty of Science, organized by students and staff of the Faculty. It brings together and represents companies of different fields of interest. The aim of the event is to inform and familiarize students of all departments with the job market and to bring to the students employment opportunities after and during their studies. WISe brought together companies that hire people from one or more departments of the Faculty and in that way introduced students to potential employers, as well as other opportunities they are not familiar with during their studies.

We were there in an attempt to acquaint the future scientists with the work opportunities in Mercury Processing Services International. Everything happened around our purple, out of this world stand, where students stopped by to collect information about all benefits of working in our company.

Furthermore, we were showcasing our flagship digital products, explaining the cutting-edge technology deployed in the payment industry.


Besides the products we had our people who took on the ambassador roles and fed the students with all the relevant info about Mercury Processing Services International as employer.