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Sbanken chooses Nets to support open banking

Providing payment solutions for easier tomorrow, Nets Open Banking Access provides PSD2 enabled account access to banks with a single-point-of-integration.

It provides companies as Third Party Provider (TPP) with everything they need in the new era of Open Banking. A single integration with Nets Access to Account Services (NAAS) - a single platform that enables access to banks across the Nordics and Europe.

Nets even offers a free sign up to access their open developer sandbox and start exploring our service API’s and test-tools. Being easy and simple, almost like a video game, the sandbox enables user to play with different scenarios for payment initiation, account information and confirmation of availability of funds by entering the parameters for the request and configuring a response. 

Sbanken, a Norweign bank with the most satisfied customers for 18 years, selected Nets Access to Account Services (NAAS) to support the bank's open banking ventures. With the platform, Sbanken has opened a developer portal through which customers can use a host of open APIs to build their own digital banking platforms, with the best efforts winning cash prizes.



Christoffer Hernæs, CDO at Sbanken, commented:

"Taking an offensive position and leveraging PSD2 as a business opportunity is a top priority for the bank, as most Norwegian customers on average use more than one bank. By connecting to other Norwegian banks, we enable our customers to perform their top tasks such as getting a full overview of their financial health and paying their bills as easy as possible. Sbanken has chosen Nets since their platform provides easy access to the full market through one unified connection."

Concardis is now a certified partner of ecomm Trusted Shops

Concardis is now a certified partner of Trusted Shops, the leading trust brand for online shops in Europe In addition to online shops, Trusted Shops regularly audits ecommerce service providers for security and user-friendliness and rewards partners that meet its high standards.

With the Payengine, Concardis has developed  solution for ecommerce that aims to streamline the everyday business for online merchants, who can use the back-end to verify incoming payments at any time on all devices in real time.

The Paylink and One Page Shop, additional features of the Payengine, are an individual payment page that enables merchants to accept online payments or sell products without having their own website or online shop.

‘All-round security is a particularly important factor for the certification of online shops. So we recommend online merchants only to work with service providers who meet our strict criteria. Concardis offers a compelling proposition, with absolutely secure, innovative products and a high level of user-friendliness – so we are delighted to be able to certify Concardis as a trusted partner’, says Tobias Tullius, Head of Partner Management at Trusted Shops.

When it comes to eCommerce in Germany, with currently more than 70 million users, it is forecast to be worth 58.5 billion euros by the end of 2019. This would mean an increase of about 9 percent, and 5 billion euros, compared to the situation at the end of last year.

According to Handelsverband Deutschland (HDE) , now two-thirds of the German population aged 14 years or older buy online more or less regularly. If this number should increase much further, it must come from the group of 60+ year olds, they show the most potential to have more online shoppers in the future.

Compared to the situation in 2014, the average online spend per shopper was almost 30% higher last year.


Source: Concardis