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Our unique cardless cash-withdrawal solution

Even though the world is going digital, there are some places where you still need cash. In such convenient times where you can pay with just a tap, withdrawing cash now seems almost unnecessary. 

For those occasions when you need cash, wouldn't it be great to use just a smartphone? Now, you can withdraw your cash on ATMs, with no card but just a smartphone. How? 

Our unique solution is not just frictionless but also customizable and secure. It can be fully integrated and tailor made for specific business needs. It can also be fully customized to meet the Issuing bank requirements, from number of code digits, to code validity time and anti-guessing timers to prevent malicious attacks on the ATM network.

10th anniversary

On April 10th, ten years ago, Intesa Sanpaolo Card was established and seven years later it transformed into Mercury Processing Services International. It has been a road full of successes and challenges, but we are heading forward without stopping to lead the payment processing game.


Thanks to our peoples’ contribution we have built a solid and stable company and entered as such the new business era. Nevertheless, our scope didn’t change. We remained dedicated to providing high-quality card processing services and we continued relying on our technological expertise as the main driver for innovations we have been providing in the payment industry. 

From the first big change onwards, we just kept growing. Now a slightly bigger planet in the payment galaxy, we were recognized by even bigger ones. Merging and consolidation of payment processing companies entered our space, but it became an ongoing phenomenon in the whole industry.  Our owners decided to consolidate with the newly formed Concardis Payment Group so Mercury Processing Services International now stands among other great companies in the new Group.


Soon after, Concardis Payment Group finalized their merger with Nets, Scandinavia’s top payment provider. We were and are still excited to be a part of this because we as companies are leveraging on each other’s strengths and thus emerging as a true European payment leader.

From here on, the possibilities are just piling on the horizon and we are bravely accepting the future challenges. 

FERSec & JobFair

We are still continuing our collaboration with faculties and attending job fairs. It was our honor to attend two student events in the first half of the year - FERSec and JobFair.

FERSec is an Information Security Workshop that has been held for a third year in a row. It gathers security enthusiasts and professionals, but everyone is welcome. The event lasted for a whole week and it included presentations, workshops, and finally a Hackathon! We participated as sponsors, presenters, and server donors. 


The workshops and presentations were held from the 5th to the 14th of April at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Zagreb, where  professors and outside experts in the fields talked about computer forensics, reverse engineering, exploit writing, static unpackers, threat hunting and Cyber Security Capture The Flag.

There was also a "mention" of a particular topic of our interest and that is The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

Nikolina Maras, our Information Security Expert, familiarized the young audience with the security requirements behind PCI DSS compliance, a regulatory pillar of all our business operations, after Željka Antol, our Product Expert, provided a concise overview of our IT business.

The first part finished in a competitive manner - a 24-hour-long Hackathon where teams of students had to defend their servers and attacks others’, sharping both their hacking and security mindsets.

Then came the JobFair - one of the most frequented events in Croatia where students come to seek and eventually find their future careers. We were also there on the 15th and 16th of May, to provide young minds with the opportunities offered by our company and to invite them to join is in our mission to lead the payment industry.


As students kept coming in, it seemed there was infinity of people for a moment. The number of companies wasn't small either. In total there were 115 companies with their booths and some with presentations. 

Even though the students were mostly from FER, they also came from other cities in Croatia to attend this spectacular fair. And it seems they weren't disappointed. Our booth alone accommodated hundreds of students who circulated and asked us questions about our company and our work. 

One of the most interesting facts to them was that we played a big part in bringing Google Pay to Croatia. Payment processing isn't exactly a well-known topic among general public, so it was pretty interesting to explain all of the interesting parts of our work relating to the IT area. 

It was also great to see how everyone was immediately focused on our astronauts and the strong message "Study fast and prosper in an interplanetary company".

After two days of plenty of talking and meeting new students, we left with all the student internship brochures handed out and with a big smile on our faces. We hope that we touched their minds because they touched ours too. 

security as a pillar

Our company was recognized as among Top 10 Multi-Factor Authentication Solution Providers in Europe - 2019 by Enterprise Security Magazine.

Our Head of Strategic Projects and Innovation, Giovanni Cetrangolo gave an interview for the magazine where he spoke about our unique standing point as a payment processor. He emphasized one of our strongest points and that is our long-standing end to end knowledge of the whole payment process because of which we can provide a reliable and customizable solutions to our clients. 


We are always proud to be recognized for being at the forefront of emerging trends but always in line with the security, a paramount element in the payment process. 

Read the magazine here: https://www.enterprisesecuritymag.com/magazines.


The head of our Legal Affairs and Company Secretary, Ante Šućur, was featured in one of the most prestigious magazines in the legal world called CEE LEGAL MATTERS. The spotlight of the April issue was, as the editor Radu Cotarcea said himself "the in-house lawyers in CEE, whose hard work often goes unnoticed since it only rarely – and in many cases never - involves the execution of a huge deal."


To us in the company, nothing goes unnoticed and especially not the legal affairs. In that spirit, Ante talked about how such things work in a company like ours dealing with payment processing in the article headlined "Get Out There to Make That Deal Happen"

He also spoke a great deal about how lawyers are perceived by the general public which could be summed up in his great quote from the magazine:

"I think we need to work on shifting our attitudes and learn to put ourselves out there. I look at some historical figures and find it funny to see that few people realize that people like Mahatma Gandhi or Nelson Mandela were actually lawyers – and that  speaks, in part, to how people perceive us." (CEE LEGAL MATTERS).

Read the magazine here: https://ceelegalmatters.com/magazine.