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VÚB bank says 'ahoj' to google pay

Slovak VÚB Bank is keeping up pace with its competitors having launched Google Pay on January 5th this year. The move was driven mainly by their customers’ wish after the Bank gave them an opportunity to have internet voting on the services they want introduced.  


According to the Bank Card Association's report, more than 10,000 users have used Google Pay in Slovakia, making more than 105,000 transactions and paying for goods or services in the amount of € 2.8 million since its introduction in February 2018 (Združenie pre bankové karty).

As Google Pay is obviously gaining popularity in Slovakia, VÚB Bank has recently joined the list and almost all its customers can now enjoy the possibilities of contactless smartphone payments.

G Pay is integrated into the Bank’s mobile app. Activating this service is easy - in the Mobile Banking application, the customer adds their card to Google Pay and can start using the service immediately. 

The other option is to download the Google Pay application directly and activate it directly. The service enabled by Mercury Processing Services International supports Visa Inspire and Visa Inspire Gold debit cards. 

When it comes to credit cards, VUB has also enabled the service for the cardholders of MasterCard Standard, MasterCard World and Flexikarta.

Andrea Šipošováhead of the VÚB Card Processing Department, said:

"We integrated Google Pay directly into the mobile banking application. This makes it easier to activate and the customer has all the information in one place."


Google Pay app enables customers to hold loyalty cards in it, pay in stores and several e-shops. 

The app also holds other tickets such as cinema or concert tickets. The service is available to owners of Android-powered mobile devices from Lollipop 5.0 that have the NFC feature.

In the process, Mercury Processing Services International took part in implementing Visa debit cards. Our continuous roles and responsabilites in this process are enrollment & enablement, processing, and lifecycle management.


VÚB Bank has decided to allow its customers to decide on improvements to VÚB Mobile Banking's mobile application. Users can vote for the requested enhancement, currently selecting from a total of three features - Google Pay for Android, cardless cash withdrawal, and smartwatch apps.

Such voting is the Bank's unique value-added feature. However, it is not a one-time option, as VÚB will give users the option to directly vote on other enhancements regularly before each update of their application. The Bank wants to enhance mobile banking based on feedback so that it meets customer’s wishes even more and thus enhance payment convenience. 


Slovakia is a prosperous country with a business-friendly environment and a total GDP of USD 87 billion, per capita GDP currently being USD 17,439, and is ranked the 64th richest country by the World Bank.

When it comes to the Slovak e-commerce market, the reports show that it is not just the younger generations that use internet daily, but also the older generations that log on regularly with 45 to 54-year-olds showing a 74% daily penetration rate, and 64% of those over 55 logging on daily (eshopworld).

Regarding mobile payments, Slovakia has a lot of potential which is also shown in its payments infrastructure as well as the number of people using online services.