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Security is something that is never taken lightly, especially in payments. With ongoing frauds and cyberattacks, customers quickly turn from services that seem to them unsecure or not secure enough. Mercury Processing Services International recognizes the importance of strong authentications and provides it.   

Mind the numbers

The Global Identity and Fraud Report shows that security is the most important part of the online experience for 74% of people around the world, followed by convenience. More than 70% of consumers would share more personal data with businesses online in order to improve the security and convenience of their interactions. Transparency also helps, with 80% saying they are likely to have more trust in organizations that are more transparent.

Although there are some innovative and creative authentication solutions out there, they haven’t proved to be secure enough for payments. This is because payment authentication needs certain certification and a method that has proved to be extremely strong.  

We take AUTHENTICATION seriously 

Our security solutions are based on tokenization, software solutions and backend systems so that remote and mobile users can access critical information while maintaining high level of security.

Mobile Token is a solution which helps keep customers protected online.

It is an application installed on mobile devices and used for two-factor authentication. It also uses a cryptographic key for user authentication.


This type of authentication is designed for integration and use in secure e-commerce transactions, accessing internet/mobile banking and other secure systems that require strong customer authentication. The elements used in strong customer authentication must be mutually independent, i.e. a breach of one does not compromise the other(s), and at least one of the elements should be non-reusable, non-replicable and not capable of being stolen via Internet. The SA procedure should be designed in such a way as to protect the confidentiality of the authentication data. 

Physical card reading is a solution where cardholders are authenticated via a smartcard reader using Chip Authentication Program (CAP) and Dynamic Passcode Authentication (DPA) protocols preloaded on their payment card. The CAP and DAP specification supports several authentication methods. 

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The user first inserts their smartcard into the CAP reader and enables it by entering the PIN. A button is then pressed to select the transaction type.

Most readers have two or three transaction types available to the user under a variety of names.

Within the existing solutions, OTP (One Time Password) via SMS is one of the authentication options offered.

It utilizes the SMS channel to provide one-time passwords to cardholders to allow their authentication at the Bank. This service eliminates the need for the customer to hold a dedicated device and perfectly complements 3D Secure.

Benefits are certain

The benefits of our strong authentication align very closely with the motivations for having strong authentication. First of all, it is in the interest of all participants in an authentication process (users, banks, processors, regulators) to ensure the highest level of security of access and use of sensitive data. Fraud prevention is one of the most important motivations and benefits of having strong authentication for all the participants in the process. Our solutions thus ensure a highly effective way of driving down fraud. 

Secondly, our authentication complies with the European Banking Authority (EBA) Guidelines on the security of internet payments, the PSD 2 EU directive, regulatory technical standards for strong customer authentication, and the ECB Recommendations for the security of internet payments.

This requires of the users to prove their identity in a multi-factor authentication process, which includes more secure ways than just entering the user name and passwords. By triggering strong customer authentication in this case, merchants benefit from the liability shift and card issuers become liable in case of fraud.

In the spirit of following emerging and new technologies, our Company’s authentication solutions follow the trends in cloud services and enable secure access to these.