atm and no card? no problem!

Cardless Cash & ATMs No Longer an Oxymoron

The digital revolution has brought us mobile payments, which enable us to order items online or pay for them in the store with just a wave of our mobile phone. But cash is still a prevalent means of payment and with ATMs at almost every corner, it's far from an inconvenience. Still, ATMs require you to have your card with you, don’t they? Well, not anymore! Welcome to the world of cardless cash withdrawal.

In short, CCW provides customers with an on-demand unique code that they can then enter into an ATM and withdraw cash without the need for a card. Apart from this, the ATM experience is the same as usual, with daily withdrawal limits still applying and without additional charges.

Of course, not all banks offer this service and not all ATMs are equipped for it, so it's very important that customers both check which CCW apps are available and if they work on their device.


Banks will impose a time limit on the code's validity as an added security measure. This time limit can vary but after it expires, the code becomes invalid and the customer has to request a new one.

Customers are encouraged to protect their online banking details and never share their account passwords. Customers monitoring their accounts for suspicious activities is now also advisable.


One word: convenience. When traveling to places where mobile payments are still rare or just in cases of emergency, you do not need to worry about misplacing your ATM card or leaving your wallet at home, in the car or in your hotel room.

For ease of use, some CCW apps allow customers to share their code with friends or family by sending it to their mobile phone. The apps also allow customers control over how much they withdraw using the code - giving a person your ATM card and PIN allows them repeated access, but CCW is a one-use affair.

And the Drawbacks


CCW currently has limited availability, but this is expected to change as more and more banks realize the benefits CCW provides their customers, increasing their satisfaction. 

Another drawback is the reliance on the ability of the CCW app to access the Internet and the ATM network - without it, there is no way to request the code.

Mercury Processing Services International's Cardless Cash 

Mercury Processing Services International is now offering CCW to users of their wallet application (WA). CCW will be enabled for all debit payment products enrolled in the WA. The service for physical and virtual credit cards enrolled in WA will be made available once tokenization is implemented. It will be available across both Android and iOS platforms. All non-payment products, like loyalty cards, are excluded from the CCW service.

Mercury Processing Services International is also offering an integrated issuer wallet that combines HCE contactless payments, transaction overview, CCW and more. Issuers can also integrate CCW into their mobile banking solution using Mercury Processing Services International APIs.

The WA will offer predefined cash disbursement amounts, with custom amounts disabled due to security concerns and it being impossible to determine if a customer's chosen ATM will have the custom requested amount of cash. The WA will issue the customer a mcode, which they can then enter at the ATM after selecting the WA icon on the ATM screen.  

The WA will also allow customers to send their mcode to another person via SMS or e-mail, enabling nationwide money transfer.

While this transaction will not generate a paper receipt from the ATM, the WA does notify the customer each time an mcode is utilized and provides them with transaction details.

The validity of the mcode the application will issue will be configurable by the issuing bank as a means of risk management. Also, CCW will not be available on ATMs running on slow connections or those running Auriga applications.

Future of Cardless Cash

Card schemes like Mastercard and Visa are also launching CCW services. As Mercury Processing Services International and similar services are limited to the Mercury Processing Services International ATM network, schemes can extend this service to a worldwide range.