mastercard business partner forum 2018

This year’s Mastercard Business Partner Forum was a great event to proudly present our payment solutions and expertise from our team. We, as Mastercard’s Gold Partner, consider this to have been a valuable participation and therefore we want to share the insight and a glimpse into the event with you.

Goals of the program

The Mastercard Business Partner Program is a global program designed to facilitate information sharing and enhance the business relationships between Mastercard and the companies that supply solutions to Mastercard customers around the world.

Participating companies use the MBPP to build expertise and differentiate their products and services. MBPP keeps partners up to date on Mastercard’s product and business strategy, aligned with technical requirements, and connected with the rest of Mastercard.

We came we participated we demonstrated

Mercury Processing Services International was represented by Aljoša Lovrič PetričIvana Pršić, and Željka Perok. They demonstrated our mobile payment application with the all new functionalities and presented company’s other digital services such as 3DSecure and Authentication methods – mToken, OTP SMS.

Our booth was regularly visited and everyone was very inquisitive about some of the latest trends like proximity payments but also, and this was very significant for us, our role in cards and payments processing environments in this part of Europe.  We are confident that our team made a positive impression on the attendees because of their involved reaction to our presentation. 

20180515_185302 - Copy.jpg

What key-note speakers had to say

Apart from our presence, there were around 80 participants with 8 presenters and 10 exhibitors. They all covered extremely significant and trending topics from the card and payment industry. Mastercard Europe’s Vice-President Christophe Zehnacker shared his expertise in the Creating the ‘new’ innovation - his in-depth presentation on the digital shift in payments along with its benefits and challenges. Digitalization was also covered by Dan Goodman, regarding ATMs.  

Another notable speaker was Marc Van Puyelde, Director of Product Management at Mastercard Europe, who presented the innovation in security and authentication solutions from Mastercard and provided general insight concerning these topics.

MC send.png


Sofia Mitta spoke on the future of contactless payment methods within Mastercard while Mark Perrymen spoke on the future of Mastercard Send. This is a very fresh and significant payment service as the only solution that can send funds to both card and non-card endpoints including bank accounts, mobile wallets and cash-out locations.

What payment-related industry forum would be complete without a presentation on fraud? None. Keith Groves delivered a meticulous presentation on global fraud trends with facts and figures informing attendees on this important matter. 

To that end…

As always, we were excited to share our work with all of the forum’s attendees. In this industry, changes are frequent and keeping our customers and companies we work with informed of all the updates and developments helps us build trust and shows our continuous efforts to improve our performance.