cards and payments event held in vienna

Mercury Processing Services International used the three sunny days, from 4 - 6 June, in the beautiful and vibrant Vienna for the corporate business event intended for clients from Intesa Sanpaolo International Subsidiary Banks Division members. After meeting and gathering in the hotel, enjoying the Viennese sunset during dinner on the first day, the presentations came the next day.


If we could sum up all of the presentation topics in one laconic phrase it would be – trends in digitalized payments.


Even though the shift in payments has already happened some time ago, the transformation is of big proportions and has many challenges that financial institutions, as well as Mercury Processing Services International, are trying to address. Therefore, the presenters focused on the matter at hand by also demonstrating our solutions. In relation to these new challenges, the speakers gave their expertise on security issues and solutions such as authentication, tokenization, and 3D Secure. 

Data will talk if you are willing to listen


Data has existed from the dawn of time but has different values in the modern digitalized era. This being the buzz word of the past year and, most likely the future, our speakers gave a great presentation on data. Out team gave their expertise not only about the omnipresence of data but also how it can be super helpful if obtained properly and used smartly. They demonstrated its practical real life usage on the example of a Merchant profitability model.

Monitoring the GDPR

Regulations and compliance was the third subtopic of the event which again relates to certain aspects of data such as GDPR, which was covered in the presentation. This is an integral segment of this industry because of the amount of data that comes with clients. However, all of that has to comply with certain mandates and standards demonstrated by our team. 

Guest speakers

Two of the guest speakers from Start Design, Dave Blendis and Tim Hutchinson, gave a really fresh and interesting presentation. Since we have been collaborating, they know what kind of insight floats our boat. This great presentation covered the psychological background behind the three living generations - Boomers, Millennials, Generation Z - what motivates them and what methods should be used to engage them in reference with the payment industry, of course.


Sharing knowledge and expertise to our clients on innovations and updates from the card payment industry and our company is something we are dedicated to. To that end, we organized the Cards and Payments event in Vienna, as we used to organize similar events in previous years.

We are using this great opportunity to talk about digital payments, importance of data, and security within Mercury Processing Services International and in general and we will continue to do it in the future.