another successful innovation from our team

Mercury Processing Services International is facilitating a new service for Privredna Banka Zagreb – Google Pay with Visa Inspire card. Following the latest technological advancements, we are providing our customers with an additional payment channel to increase cardholders’ convenience and to enable a better user experience. 



Mercury Processing Services International is continuously working on the adoption of new technologies, thus enabling its customers to offer new channels for mobile proximity payments. Mercury Processing Services International enables issuers and acquirers to facilitate the Google Pay service in their respective countries to benefit from convenience and user experience using the latest technological trends.

The Google Pay service is live in Privredna Banka Zagreb since 1st August and Mercury Processing Services International will continue working as a service facilitator.

In order to provide an effortless payment service, customers are enabled to enroll the same card on multiple devices including smartphones, tablets, smart watches etc. Cardholders can provision their card to Google Pay either via the brand new mobile banking app DigiCal or via the native app.

What is Google Pay and why you need it

For some, the wallet apps are fairly new and that includes the Google Pay app too. If you are familiar with Google Pay you will know that it was created by joining Android Pay and Google Wallet. Fortunately, the simplicity of using the app was pivotal so everyone can use it at all times. It basically replaces your physical wallet with an app on your mobile phone where you can store all your payment cards.

On top of that, the Google location service enhances the personalized experience of the Google Pay service, thus allowing cardholders to easily find stores based on the history of previous purchases. Additionally, the home screen also shows you all of your recent purchases. 

There are a plethora of reasons to use the Google Pay app. This payment app makes a lot of sense in a world where smartphones are the most frequently used devices. Google’s reputation and the background are well known around the world, which is reflected in the fact that there are more than 1 million locations that accept Google Pay as a method of payment and more than 100 million users who installed the app, thereby putting their trust in the new process.