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Novelties and Current Events

Becoming members of EFQM

Receiving the EFQM affiliation shows we mean business! This signifies that we will be applying their Business Excellence Model to our organizational structure so that we can ameliorate certain parts of our organizational structure to further improve our business practice because striving towards excellence in all aspects is extremely significant to us. 

In addition, it gives us access to EFQM Knowledge Base and the EFQM Network where we can learn and share certain experiences and practices with other member companies.They developed the EFQM Excellence Model, which provides a holistic view of the organization focusing on four Result Areas and five Enablers that the organization will develop to achieve its strategic goals. EFQM encourages a discipline of self-assessment which will certainly help us in the future for additional improvement. 

Green energy certificate for us

This certificate is yet another demonstration of our conscious business practices. We have always been working in the spirit of environmental awareness ever since we started collecting paper for recycling in 2011 as well as old empty batteries in order to dispose of them separately from regular trash. It is notable to mention that in 2017, our company managed to collect 4210 kilos of paper and 30 kilos of old batteries that were collected by a specialized company and sent for recycling.


Being aware of the environmental changes currently happening, we have taken a step further to show that we care about environmental preservation and that we have a socially responsible attitude with the ZeLEn green label certificate which proves all of our energy is coming from renewable sources, thus encouraging production of energy from renewable sources.

We are proud to show that during 2017 we received 922 MWh of electricity obtained from 100% renewable resources.

The upcoming Fraud Forum in Zagreb

Having 7 successful Fraud Forums behind us, we are hosting the 8th Fraud Forum in Zagreb in October. We will be having numerous interesting speakers presenting current engaging topics on the subject of fraud.

Fraud is an inevitable subject in the payment industry and a very significant one. We will be bringing our experts to talk about innovations and updates from our company regarding fraud, as well as other experts in this field. Some of the interesting subtopics that will be covered include the use of Machine Learning in detecting fraudulent activitiesUser Experience in fraud applications, e-commerce and fraud along with other trends regarding this theme.