increased business and investments on ATM network

Mercury Processing Services International has recently deployed a surcharge fee at the ATM terminals of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania and Intesa Sanpaolo Banka Bosnia and Herzegovina.

A surcharge, also known as checkout fee is banking practice of Acquirer Banks which involves charging non-bank customers for their use of ATM terminals.

Unlike other ATM fees, surcharges are charged directly at the ATM while the customer is performing the transaction. During the transaction, the customer can choose whether to accept or decline the transaction – if they accept to proceed, the fee amount will be added to the requested withdrawal amount and authorized as a combined value.

The service is applicable to transactions involving cash withdrawal, cash advancing and other types of cash disbursement transactions, like Shared Deposit transactions. 

Aiming to improve the ATMs network investments and maintenance with cutting edge technologies, optimizing the timing and improving customer experience, the Banks requested this fee to be able to partially cover the related costs of this fast growing service. 

Responding to the Banks’ business requirement, Mercury Processing Services International implemented this service for the Bank’s partners in Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina.