on the top tier of lider’s best croatian companies

According to a survey conducted by Lider, we have been recognized as a champion among Croatian IT and Data Service Providers. In this constantly evolving industry, we are proud to be the best. 

The Lider magazine, weekly published by Lider Media, is one of the most influential and most-read business magazines in Croatia. It reports the most important business and political news in the country and the world.

In 2017, they conducted an in-depth survey to find out which are the top companies in Croatia. The criteria taken into consideration were productivity, revenues, profits, exports, and employees. The results were published in their special edition published on 28th September 2018. 

The Lider magazine pronounced us the No. 1 Croatian company in the category of Computer and Data Services in 2017, based on the creation of value added.

In addition, among all 1000 companies listed in the Lider’s survey, we are the 105th, which is 5 places higher compared to our position in 2016. For 2018, we are sure to take even a higher position.


“The desire to be perceived for creating value is one of the most frequent wishes in the business. While it is not always that easy to do and usually quite difficult to demonstrate I am really happy that we are being acknowledged by an independent body as a leader in it.”

Zdenek Houser, CEO of Mercury Processing Services International


“More than some other financial performance metrics, New Value Added is an indicator of long-term vision and confirmation that together with our shareholders we are more focused on the future than on creating short-term benefits.”

Irina Bručić, CFO of Mercury Processing Services International