implementing centralized tokenization service

The ascendancy of emerging trends is further enhancing the need for reliable and agile processes secured by default. Security practitioners are ever-pressed to understand the deficiencies in current practices, keep pace with emerging trends and create effective responses to evolving threats and attacks. 

Tokenization still stands as one of the best data security solutions and, thus, two members of Mercury Processing Services International presented how we implemented the centralized tokenization service on the Enterprise Security & Risk Management 2018 conference in London on 28th November, organized by Whitehall media.


Krešimir Jurišić, Enterprise Architecture Manager, and Hrvoje Rončević, Application Architect, both from Mercury Processing Services International presented the centralized tokenization service our company uses and its integration in the existing system. 

In order to protect the most important assets: critical data and reputation, Mercury Processing Services International chose comforte AG's data-centric security suite. 

The solution provides central tokenization system across the enterprise, protecting sensitive data at the earliest possible point and de-protecting them only when absolutely necessary.

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The expert advice

Hrvoje and Krešimir emphasized that in complex diverse IT ecosystem, ease of integration and support for multiple platforms is essential for success of implementation. Additionally, onsite support and training, rapid communication and technical documentation is important buy-in for internal IT support and development. They also highlighted the importance of implementation in stages to provide maximum increase in compliance and security in development cycles increases the likelihood of project success.

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"This was a great conference with lots of discussions about evolving threats to data confidentiality and integrity, and challenges in cyber security. Lot of interesting and innovative solutions were presented, on how to reduce risk by rapidly detecting and responding to damaging cyberthreats using sophisticated methods like machine learning and AI which 'traditional' methods would miss."

Krešimir Jurišić, Enterprise Architecture Manager, Mercury Processing Services International