from it crowd to business enablers

Gartner – one of the leading research and advisory companies - organized the IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference 2018 on 26th and 27th November in London, UK, attracting 1000 attendees, mostly from EMEA region. Mercury Processing Services International had its team member presenting on the conference - Danijel Božić, Head of the Service Management Department in Croatia, who shared his expertise on the cultural transformation in Infrastructure & Operations.


A new dawn is aging for businesses and reshaping workplaces. For this reason, Gartner found it important to use the conference for the experts to discuss the adoption of fast-moving technologies and methodologies and their impact on companies. More particularly, how they are changing the dynamic of work and the functional roles of typical infrastructure & operations teams, furthermore challenging their skills and demanding a new kind of dexterity. 

Danijel Božić gave his contribution to the important topic with the presentation suitably named Cultural Transformation In I&O: From IT Crowd to Business Enablers

The main premise for his topic was that, for years, business and IT have existed as separate entities with both sides having their own driving forces and social behavior, in other words, culture. 

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In a very engaging and playful way, Danijel tries to explain the new role of IT teams and their transformation into business enablers. The main focus is on the dialogue between various IT cultures, alignment with Business mantra, and a new class of cultural transformation issues related to company mergers.


In order to show how the problem can be addressed, Danijel gave the example of Mercury Processing Services International. From our case, he shared some clever steps to apply in a transforming workplace like we have.

More specifically, he said that companies should decide on a specific strategy - how to address and balance opposite forces in action in force, assess tribal landscape of companies and decide on how to steer cultural transformation, and to go bi-modal, wherever possible.

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“Gartner conferences are a source of knowledge of such magnitude that it makes them an overwhelming experience: like drinking water from a fire hydrant. I am very happy because I had an opportunity to contribute to this knowledge exchange and to gain insight in IT industry trends. This is especially important during our company’s transformation journey to a more modern organization.”

Danijel Božić, Head of Service Management Department, Mercury Processing Services International

catch me if you can

The movie Catch Me If You Can was based on a true story of Frank Abagnale, Jr. who was a former con man, check forger, and impostor between the ages of 15 and 21. 

Frank Abagnale, Jr. was invited to the Gartner's conference to share his interesting experience on fraud, security and fraud-prevention. When asked from the audience: “What is most critical factor that we, IT people, have to take into account?”, the answer was: “Human factor. In all big cases of cyber-criminal, identity theft and data losses, somebody broke the procedure.” This creates two takeaways: Follow the procedure, and if it is not possible to follow the procedure (for any reason, i.e., two procedures are in conflict), then change the process.


Source: Argus Leader

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