8th fraud forum held in zagreb

Year after year, our Fraud Forum events have finished in a successful story. More importantly, the participants get to have productive discussions on fraud awareness, detection and prevention. This year, the event was scheduled to run for a whole day on 26th September in Zagreb.

Relentless growth in the incidence of financial fraud and cybercrime is having an impact on financial institutions and companies across the payment industry. This event focused on the development of new technologies for fighting fraud as well as our company’s experience in detecting fraud and fraud-prevention. 

The event was opened by our CEO, Zdenek Houser, who gave a welcome speech. In her great introduction, Jelena Kolega, our Head of Product Development, Product Management and Business Consultancy, provided a brief timeline of the payments industry via a short documentary. She emphasized on how the industry has changed throughout the years but essentially stayed the same, in a different form. After such an engaging presentation, other speakers were invited to present their fraud-related topics.

Igor Mekterović from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, in Zagreb, introduced us to the captivating topic of machine learning and its benefits for fraud-prevention after which Nataša Benčić, our Senior Product Expert, presented our company’s use of the technology. 

Moving away from artificial intelligence, Cognosec’s Branimir Pačar delivered a presentation on data breach and how PCI DSS can help, while Luka Grabovšek from Mastercard presented the topic of account data compromise events and services. Piet Lakeman from Visa Europe spoke about risk management, case studies as well as current trends in fraud. 

The event continued with presentations of certain technologies and regulations for fighting fraud. So, Anja Schrön from Germania talked about the GDPR’s importance for fraud related topics in the airline industry. Sanja Zeljković from Infigo argued both for and against using a single platform for fraud and AML management. Marko Marijanović, our Compliance Expert, tackled PSD2 and its benefits. Mario Šimić from Bornfight talked about the importance of UX design in fraud detection software. 

We used this great opportunity to share one of our greatest achievements this year – becoming the first VTS Processor Aggregator to go commercially live in Europe and launching Google Pay in Croatia. This was presented by Andreja Josipović, our Senior Product Expert, who gave a review of how Mercury Processing Services International helped this implementation and how the project rolled out. All of the participants were invited to see the Google Pay demo shown during the break.

What better way is there to finish our 8th Fraud Forum but with a panel discussion. Seven fraud experts from Privredna Banka Zagreb, Vseobecna Uverova Banka, Concardis and Mercury Processing Services International shared valuable insight and opinions on the importance of 3DS 2.0 from the fraud perspective.

In the end, Branimir Pačar, Head of Professional Services at Cognosec, said: “It was a really great event with lots of interesting presentations and great presenters that covered a wide range topics in card business. Huge benefit was the opportunity to discuss current state with experts from the industry.” 

Join us again next year for our annual update and explore the latest developments and innovations in fighting fraud.