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Novelties and Current Events


On 8th November, a Cyber Security Conference was held in Belgrade with the aim of sharing ideas and expertise on how to confront new challenges in the business and banking sector.

Therefore, Nikolina Maras, our Information Security Expert, was invited to the panel called Cyber security in banking sector - Security of information – vulnerabilities and hardening, defense tools to give her valuable insight and expertise, as well as to outline Mercury Processing Services International's activities in this aspect.

In general, they talked about the security trends in payments industry and discussed the new security challenges emerging with the digitalization, PSD2 and “open banking” services.

Although the security challenges are bigger than ever, it was concluded that the financial industry takes a lead in addressing them. 


Source: Confindustria Serbia

Giving the example of Mercury Processing Services International as a company focused on security, Nikolina talked about our dedication to continuous security enhancements, which are confirmed through the annual security validations (PCI DSS, PCI 3D Secure, PCI Card production, PCI PIN Security).

new company profile video

We recently launched our company profile video where we shared our company's values, goals, achievements and showed the people who are behind all of that, and much more. 

Feeling it was our time to shine, we put forward the elements making up our DNA – being innovative, international, creative but also compliant, secure, and stable.

All of this is reflected in our achievements, some of which are shown in the video.

Lastly, but not least important, up-and-close in the video is our driving force – the people. 

All of the people from our offices in Zagreb, Ljubljana and Koper gave that unique touch with their personalities, smiles, gestures behind which are expertise and smarts that make all the achievements happen. 

If a picture is worth thousand words, a video is worth millions so see what makes Mercury Processing Services International in the video.

Do Humans Still Matter?

Iva Penezić, our Head of Human Resources, took part in the IDC CIO Summit held in Opatija from 17th to 19th October. 

The conference was focused on the issue of shifting business environment, especially in IT companies.

Apart from the digitalization influencing the way technology operates, it also has its share of impact on the company culture and employees.

One of the key considerations of the digital transformation is the impact it has on people. In order to provide opinions on this topic, there was a panel called Do Humans Still Matter? where the discussion revolved around the relevance of people in the technology-dominated world, the skills set necessary for a person in this new scenario and what companies need to do to attract quality workers. 


Source: IDC CIO Summit

As an expert in this field, Iva was invited to participate in the lively debate where she commented the shifting trends in relations between organizations and individuals, as well as how technological and social changes impact the perception of employment and work. 

We Care about our Partners’ Satisfaction

Since the very beginnings of our Company, we have built relationships with our partners on hard work and feedback. Given that their thoughts on our collaboration are extremely valuable to us, we have carried out the Partner Satisfaction Survey on a yearly basis. This year marks the 10th year of our efforts of exploring the satisfaction of our partners, which has been putting us through constant self-improvement.


The Partner Satisfaction Survey has proved to be one of the best indicators of how well we’re doing our jobs, and the results have always been positive. 

However, having good grades doesn’t mean we should stop there. On the contrary, that is where our improvement begins. We also receive specific comments and suggestions from our partners which help us define improvement activities.

We have recently launched the survey for this year towards our clients, with the closing date coming soon. The result analysis will reveal what are the next steps for defining improvement activities although the steps to be defined by ourselves are even more important, because this shows our constant drive and desire to be better.