Generation Z
to Shape the Future

  • Happy
  • Tech
  • TV
  • Trust
  • Fun
  • Living
Generation Z to Shape the Future
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GenZers know how to be happy:
42% of #GenerationZ are happy; 34% feel confident
88% of #GenerationZ are optimistic about their personal future
GenZers are digital natives who know the limits of technology:
19% of #GenerationZ are excited about self-driving cars
30% of #GenerationZ think that science and technology can solve the world’s
biggest problems
GenZers think TV is old news as they give it 13.2 hours per week:
45% of #GenerationZ watch cable TV on a television
71% of #GenerationZ have a Netflix subscription—more than any other generation
GenZers trust banks but not ads
74% of #GenerationZ are ‘very trusting’ or ‘somewhat trusting’ of financial institutions
69% of #GenerationZ think ads are disruptive
GenZers think work should be fun just like life:
65% of #GenerationZ employees think salary is important
38% of #GenerationZ employees think work-life balance is important
GenZers know how to live well:
86% of #GenerationZ travellers prefer to stay in hotels
67% of #GenerationZ shoppers prefer fashionable design