5 Coolest Loyalty Programs

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The Starbucks App

Not just a rewards program through a mobile app! A Starbucks customer can use the app to place an order, and pay for it, but the same app also offers access to streamed music and an opportunity for members to earn stars in the My Starbucks Rewards program which they are able to redeem for rewards in real time.
L’Oréal: Worth It Rewards

One can collect points with L’Oréal via its website - by linking a retail loyalty card, submitting receipts, or shopping online. But what gives the name to this reward program is the reason one wants to be in it: the chance to donate reward points to charities.
Amazon Prime

It may have begun with free shipping, but now it is the irresistible offer of live streaming music, movies and TV shows, storage for digital photos, book borrowing and reading previews. There are also apps for the website, as well as for the music, and TV and movies. In addition to free shipping, release date delivery, same-date delivery, and no-rush shipping.

Exclusivity, gamification and deep discounts are the name of the game, even if a credit is earned for $300 spent. VerizonUp offers device upgrades, discounts on popular services, unexpected rewards on special occasions, but people love it for the access to events that would usually be out of their reach were it not for the Super Tickets and Dream Tickets VerizonUp loyalty scheme offers.
The Savoy Hotel

The famous luxury hotel from London has luxury loyalty as well, centered around the customer and yet in keeping with its mature, subdued-seriousness style of brand. How?
By combining the old and the new! No newsletter from the Savoy, but a personalized email, filled with content tailored to a person’s unique preferences, complete with all the unobtrusiveness of a true English butler.